Garage Sales

Garage sale season must be nearly over. Saturday mornings when I don’t have the kids I take the motorcycle out and search for garage sales. It’s a simple and enjoyable thing that tents to work out pretty well. It’s a good excuse to get up early on a Saturday. If you start late, all the good stuff is gone. Riding early in the morning is both really pretty, and there’s less traffic. It’s also way to be back at the house before I’d normally be up on a Saturday, and a good excuse to take a nap in the afternoon. It’s convenient that, on the bike, I can only buy what will fit in my backpack, which keeps down my spending as well as the amount of other people’s crap I haul home and have to deal with. It also gives me a chance to meet people, which I tend not do find opportunities to do. People tend to be talkative when they’re sitting in their yards with nowhere to go.

I usually don’t have a destination in mind when I leave, and no particular time to go home, I just follow the signs, turn at random and find myself on roads, and in areas I’ve never even know where there. Sometimes a full pack sends me home, or an empty wallet. More often it’s the heat, with a jacket on, and no place to put it, it gets uncomfortable.

The signs are getting fewer and further between, and while it might just be my perception, the junk isn’t as good as it is in the peak of the season. So today, at 10:00 am I’m sitting at starbucks, drinking coffee and writing with a pen and notepad. It’s kind of a novel concept, especially for a blog entry. There are 2 older men sitting at the next table, solving, or at least discussing the world’s economic problems. A family with little kids sitting next to them. People come and go, ordering a variety of beverages I don’t recognize. It’s amazing how seldom the word coffee is actually used in a starbucks.

After an hour of listening to bits of conversation and jazz, which I’ve decided that I really don’t much care for, the crowd has come and gone a couple of times. The line has grown and disappeared, and I think my handwriting needs work. It’s been a long time since just sat and written. I’m not certain I’ll be able to transcribe this when I get back, (which, since this post is here, appears to have been ok).


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