A Material Week

It started when my boss handed me the new iPad 2 as a belated Christmas bonus. This was 2 hours before you could actually buy one, and there were people lined up at the local Mac store and best buy to get them. If you haven’t heard how cool they are, I won’t bore you with the details. It means I can work from more places, and ore often, but it is also just really cool to have the latest greatest thing when it’s released, rather than years after everyone else in the industry hashed one.

Then came a company that I had stopped billing from behind company, because it appeared they had stopped using the service, and while I am good at the technical stuff, but I don’t do billing well. It is much less confrontational if I ignore them, than try to collect. I had sent them a letter saying we were going to turn the service if they didn’t want it anymore, or we could send them an invoice. They wrote back that they use the service and they would like an invoice. I is a pretty good chunk of change, and I was very happy to send them the invoice.

I had found a good deal on a Sony car stereo, last week, at their outlet store, and bought that last week and today I took it to Best Buy to see when the could install it. They have an opening next week.

Finally today our single largest customer’s check arrived, meaning I can pay some bills, put some cash aside for a slow month, and still pay myself a bit.

There is also the pending, or looming tax return, which I am hoping will be a good refund this year.

All in all a pretty good week.

(written on the iPad)


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