Check Day

I’ve been feeling down and out of sorts today, for no apparent reason, and actually taking some time to try and figure out why I’m feeling that way.

It hit me, that it’s check day, a day early thanks to the direct deposit coming in early, but I have to write the child support and alimony check. I know, I’ve ranted over this before, but here it is again.

She has the same responsibility to children I do, the same custody time, we’re 50-50 on care for the kids. I’m responsible for their health insurance and 75% of anything above and beyond that.

She now lives in a big house, with the new boyfriend, who is picking up the tab for whatever she needs, and I’m living paycheck to paycheck, still paying off bills that her business racked up.

It just doesn’t seem fair, but then, I guess we’re not in 2nd grade anymore, and life isn’t fair.


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