Senior Moment

I bought a truck to tow the boat a while back, (there’s a post on it, back in July maybe). I took a bunch of cash out of the bank to pay for this truck, and insurance, and wound up writing a check for the insurance, thus having a few hundreds left over. I spent three of them on various things, and put 2 of them on my nightstand, where I was questioned by the kids as to why I had hundred dollar bills “laying around”. Obviously, not something that happens a lot at our house.

Now, so far, this tidbit of information doesn’t qualify for a blog post, or even a mention in a post about something else. But that $200 sat on the nightstand for quite some time, and I remember thinking, on a few occasions, about how, if someone got into the house, it’d be a nice little bonus, along with our dirty laundry, chipped dishes, and assorted other worthless junk they’d find while robbing us blind.

I also have this kind of vague memory of, at some point, doing something about the bills laying there. Putting them “someplace safe” so at the very least, the imaginary burglar would have to do some searching to find anything of value. I’m fairly certain I didn’t spend them, although I wouldn’t swear to it.

So I rememberd the $200 the other day and decided that I needed to do something with it, (likely pay the attorney), and went looking for these 2 bills.

Now, I am almost 100% sure that no one broke into the house. And I’m also pretty confident that the kids didn’t make off with the bills, because, they have their own money they never spend. But as you may have guessed, the money isn’t on the nightstand anymore. I’m hoping I put it in that aforementioned safe someplace, but I don’t remember where, which makes me doubt that I really did that. I’ve turned the bedroom more or less upsidedown, (figuratively, I didn’t really flip the house over), and at this point, I’m about ready to just write off the money, and hope for a surprise sometime in the future of some unexpected cash.

Now this whole thing happens to people of all ages, but tends to happen to those folks over 40 a bit more often. We won’t even discuss how often it happens to our good friends over 60. But I’m wondering, did I really squirrel the money away somewhere safe? Did I grab it and spend it on something in a rush. Did a strong breeze blow the bills out the window? (through the screen?)

I don’t have a lot of “hiding places” for things. I tend to pin important things to the wall of my tiny home office, but I’ve done a pretty thorough scan of the walls of the office and there is no currency currently pinned to the wall. I’m at a loss for where I may have put the money. I’m hoping it isn’t in some envelope or folder that might get tossed when I’m cleaning. I hope that I’m smart enough to plan for that.

Really, it’s kind of cool I can use the $100 bill image again, and it applies. 🙂


One thought on “Senior Moment

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