Simple Pleasures

Some years ago, I used to subscribe to Wired magazine. I used credit card points, so I wouldn’t have to spend family dollars on something that was, for the most part, available for free online. I ordered as many years as I could with points, and I found over the years that issues were going unopened, because, well… there wasn’t time to open them and spend time reading.

I’ve found this being single thing offers some level of free time to do strange things like page through a magazine made of paper. Turning actual pages, rather than scanning articles between web pages, email, facebook, and all the other distractions online. I found a website that offers various magazine subscriptions for rediculously low prices, ($4.99 a year for Wired) and decided to go for the full 3 year subscription. They are very specific about it taking 6 – 8 weeks to get the subscription started, but in a moment of joy unequal to the item, I opened my mailbox this evening and there was the latest copy of Wired.

So with my take-and-bake pizza, which was excellent and gives me the slight satisfaction of being a small part of the production of the final, tasty, product, and a couple of cold beers, the physical, non-electronic version of the magazine was a pleasure to read. There’s pizza grease on the pages, and the DVD I rented for the evening is sitting on the table, as yet unwatched, (another $1 to redbox so I can finish it tomorrow night), and I am surprisingly happy that I have this treat of a magazine to page through tonight.

The only downside? I don’t get another one until next month.

Maybe I should watch the movie.


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