Social Networks

I resisted myspace, facebook, twitter, and blogging for quite while, considering I work at an Internet provider. I got into it because I found out my wife had a facebook page, and had had it for some time, and I hadn’t ever seen it. That was a long time ago.

I went through the cycle of finding my friends, having friends find me, having people I knew but weren’t friends with find me, and then those people who know someone you know that just want to collect friends, etc. I’ve found recently that I don’t really check facebook that often, and while I keep the twitter feed open, the only people I pay attention to are Paula Poundstone, (a very funny comedian in my opinion) and NPR.

I think I’m worn out on social networking. Even in what could be the loneliest time of my life, I just don’t really care about someone’s new socks, or the fact that they started a class, change desks, or even had a party. I’m not for a moment suggesting my facebook updates were anything to call the newspapers about, and I would be suspicious of anyone that said all my stuff was interesting, but I’m just tired of it. Or it’s sour grapes, seeing the pictures of couples having fun, reading about family outings, etc. Probably a bit of each.

So what used to be a 5 times a day habit has turned into maybe once a day, or less.

So what new thing on the internet am I missing?

(Tomorrow… dating sites)


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