Some Great Photos

I’ve been meaning to post this link for a while. In my opinion these are some really great photos, giving insight into how much our standard of living has “improved” over the last 70 years, and, at least from my point of view, how unsustainable that standard of living has become.

While admittedly these people were coming out of the great depression, as we’re coming out of a significant recession, (although I won’t try to directly compare the two), the things that we think of as necessities, like a television set and a car, were absolute luxuries not that long ago. Air conditioning, paved roads, home sizes. The way we live is so different from the people in these pictures, and some of the kids are potentially still alive.

The other thing I found so insightful was the absolute timelessness of children. Their expressions, the total “kid-ness” of children looks to be ageless.

Either way, a great look back in time, with amazing color and clarity.


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