Google Calendar – Every Other Week

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the kids schedule into a shared Google Calendar, and the every other week thing appeared to be a problem. I’d like to take credit for figuring this out, but, I just asked the right person.

If you’re using google calendar, here’s how to set up an every other week recurring appointment:

  • Create an appointment, (if you click on the top of the day, it creates an “all day” event)
  • Set the dates, (if it’s a weekend, you can make it cover 2 days)
  • In the repeats box select Weekly
  • In the Repeat every: select 2
  • Uncheck all the “day” boxes
  • Set an end date, (like maybe when the youngest turns 18, just for fun)
  • Click Save

Now, if everyone on the planet has already figured this out, someone tell me I’m an idiot. 🙂

If you haven’t used google calendar, you can share a specific calendar. It’s good to set up different calendars, they all come up in different colors, and you can put your stuff on one, (say green) and shared things on another (maybe red). In our case, we’re both updating the shared calendar, so we can keep track of which house, sports, birthday parties, meetings, school holidays, all in one place.

Any other tips are welcome.


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