The first day

I’ve always sort of thought of the new year as a time to start things, or finish things, or make changes. It’s as arbitrary day as any other, but somehow turning that calendar page and writing a new number on checks, and payment due dates, makes it seem like a pretty good day to do things.

So today it is. 2009 is over, and I’m pretty happy about that. I decided some time ago to just let the rest of 2009 suck, and at the beginning of the new year, and decade, decide that things would start getting better. And today is the day. I have seen the worst of things for the time being. This new year is going to be better than last year, if for no other reason than I say it’s going to be better.

There are still family issues and collection agencies, lawyers and accountants, school and work, but for the most part, things are going to be on the upswing. I have been kicked enough, (admittedly many times at my own doing), for now, and while things aren’t going to be perfect by any stretch of the imagination, they aren’t going to get any worse.

I managed to start the new year with my step-son and his wonderful girlfriend visiting. The kids love them, they’re wonderful to have around, and they made the first day of this new better year comfortable, and happy for the entire family. If anyone watched us from the outside, we were just a normal family, mom, dad, young kids, and grown kid. We hit the mall, went bowling, had dinner out, and it was just a peaceful, comfortable day without a bit of bad news. The kids went to mom’s house and my step-son and his sweetie came here. We sat at the table for a couple of hours and talked, looked at pictures, and just got to know each other in a way we hadn’t had the chance to before.

So, maybe I’m lucky, but the year is starting out better. I have lists to make, laundry to clean, and a mountain of work to do, but it’s all a little clearer, and smaller than it seemed to be yesterday. The world isn’t a perfect place, and I’m certain there’s a few more kicks out there for me, and for now, things are at least looking up. With a lot of determination and a little luck, they’ll start moving that way too.

So with the greatest of sincerity, I wish you a happier new year. Something better than the year we just finished, no matter how it was for you.


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