Gap Kids and Zip Locks

Ok, so I know packaging is a big part of marketing, and I really appreciate the new ziplock bags that half of everything in the grocery store comes in, but recently we bought my son some underwear from Gap Kids (baby gap) and they came in one of those “tear here” resealable zip lock bags.

I started wondering just how “fresh” the underwear needed to be? Should I take one pair out put it on him, and quickly reseal the other 2 pairs, so they don’t get moldy? Maybe I should store the leftover underwear in the freezer? The bag is more like a ziplock freezer bag than the standard sandwich bag, and both are much thicker than the resealable tortilla bag, or lettuce bags, which tent to have stronger zippers than plastic, and unless you’re very careful, you wind up making a new, non-seal-able hole in the bag, which pretty much makes the zipper a moot point.

I looked for “refrigerate after opening” but couldn’t find it anywhere. Now, I’ve noticed that cereal, for the most part, doesn’t come in resealable bags. This seems like an oversight to me. Cereal in my experience goes stale much more quickly than underwear. But my kids have 5 boxes of cereal, each with it’s own bag, each with a big hole in it, where they cut or tore through to get to the cereal, and my bet is at least one box isn’t terribly fresh, and 1 is probably ineatable.

So I’m thinking, maybe I should take the underwear out of the fridge, out of the bag, put them in his drawer, and put the cereal in the underwear bag. Saving the cereal, and and the world.

I know I’m new to this stuff, but really, do we need to reseal underwear?


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