An Extra Day

The kids mom has a meeting and offered, (asked) me if I could take the kids for the night. The immediate response was, of course, and I realized that I really like having the extra day with them. Even though I get 50% of their time, there seems to be so many days between when they leave and when they come back.

I like having the opportunity to be their hero, and it gets harder every year. When they’re little, it’s as easy as snappnig a toy piece back into place, or finding a replacement lollypop for the one that’s laying in the parking lot. As they get older their problems become more than a simple dad, (even a hero dad) can handle. Homework that doesn’t make any sense, boyfriends, girlfriends, broken hearts, and the variety of physical and emotional issues that come with growing older.

Single parenting, and 2 households adds another whole dimension to the set of things I can’t just fix. I can’t make mom be there just because someone’s hurt, or sad, or they really really want mom to make whatever special dinner they love so much. There’s no quantity of white glue, masking tape, string, or velcro that can fix a problem like that, and while they’ll get through it, and hopefully still be great people, it’s hard to watch and participate in their trying to get along.

So an extra day… making the most of their presence. Being happy that mom had something important to do tonight, so we get to do whatever things happen to come up to do. It’s just a little thing, and it doesn’t fix anything, but it sure can be fun.


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